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Credit Associates, Inc., proudly serving the Central Oregon business community since 2000. As the leading Debt Collection Agency in the region, our 34% recovery doubles the national average.

We accomplish this by taking a consultative approach to recovering past-due accounts. We have found that when you treat people with dignity and respect, outcomes are favorable for all.

Our success is based on the following factors:

  • Empathetic Approach to Collections: We take a consultative approach to recovering passed due accounts. Our recovery consultants are trained to take the time to understand each debtor’s situation and work with them to find a reasonable resolution.
  • Our Clients Get Paid Faster: Unlike the majority of agencies, Credit Associates approaches interest accumulation in a unique way. By using a proportional approach to posting payments, both you and your consumer/patient benefit.  The consumer ends up paying an overall lower amount to cure the debt than they would if you were using a foreign agency resulting in a shorter amount of time it takes to get you paid.
  • Added Value: Our relationship-based approach goes beyond the traditional collection agency model, working to recoup past-due revenue, Credit Associates also provides the following added benefit services:
    • Client Education: Our team will come to your office and update your staff on the latest industry rules and regulations.
    • Contract Consultation: We will work with your team to ensure your client’S financial agreements put you in the best position to protect your revenue.
  • Risk Reduction: Collections laws and regulations are extremely complex. At Credit Associates, our client list is composed of Oregon businesses. Our 30+ years of Oregon industry experience is what separates our services from high-risk, foreign agencies.
  • Community Approach: The Credit Associates team lives and works in the same community as you and those you serve. Our well-being means we must maintain the harmonious relationship between debtor and creditor. It is our mission to help you to retain your customer base. We work tirelessly to recycle both relationships and capital here in Oregon.

Whether you’re looking for a new recovery partner or would like a complimentary evaluation of your current process, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about modernizing and elevating your revenue stream.

Speak to one of our Expert Advisers for a complimentary consultation: 541-312-9176. Take that first step and contact us today.