When you choose to use Credit Associates as your local Central Oregon collection agency, you are making a choice that benefits not only your Oregon business but our entire community. By keeping your funds local you can rest assured that you are dealing with a professional and reputable company that is based in Bend Oregon. Your dollars are reinvested where they were earned, here in Central Oregon. Jobs are created and spending power within the Central Oregon community increases which means there are more dollars here to bring more business back to your business in addition to the bottom-line dollars we recover for you.

Keeping business services local is a concept that has thrived in the Central Oregon community and its theory is one that Credit Associates has always supported. You can benefit your community by selecting Credit Associates Inc. as your account receivables company and simultaneously know that we will provide excellent, advanced services while keeping your account local.

Our Central Oregon team is prepared to go the extra mile to ensure your accounts receive the highest level of service and that more money is returned to you from our specialized and focused collection efforts.


Why Choose Credit Associates Inc.?

Credit Associates Inc. has been serving Central Oregon businesses since 2000. The union between our customers and your customers is the same. Our staff and their families are your customers, your neighbors, and are active contributors to our local economy. Simply put, we use our earnings to better support our community through local charities and organizations that a foreign agency takes out from our community to spend elsewhere. Don’t be fooled by other agencies contingent fee structure and be sure to ask yourself “is their contingent fee really performance based, or are they compensating for their service limitations in a foreign market?”

As your third party collector we do the following:

  • Out-collect and Out-perform foreign agencies in all aspects of service and rate of success.
  • We are able to customize a contract that more appropriately suites your business’s needs.
  • We have a local presence that works to uphold your company’s established branding identity.
  • We report accounts on a monthly basis to the major credit reporting agencies.

When selecting Credit Associates Inc.

When selecting Credit Associates Inc. as your local receivables partner you are choosing a firm that practices the highest standards of professional ethics. In addition, our agency:

  • Is licensed by the State of Oregon and Washington.
  • Is bonded in accordance with State Law.
  • Works hard to protect our clients.
  • Operates under the highest ethical standards.
  • Employs an effective recovery team.
  • Works Locally – Stop by our office or let us come by yours.
  • Utilizes the latest and best industry technology.
  • Utilizes the latest skip-tracing tools and techniques.
  • Uses assertive, effective, and compliant consumer communication.
  • Operates under a no collect, no fee model.
  • Successfully resolution of disputed accounts.
  • Provides litigation options when necessary & authorized.

As you can see the choice is a simple one. Credit Associates can provide you with customized collection strategy’s built to increase your net-back over your current agency, or if you have never used a collection agency, turn your unpaid receivables into a steady, predictable revenue stream. There is no risk involved when selecting Credit Associates Inc. as your receivables partner, if we are not successful you do not owe us a penny for our efforts. Please contact us to get paid for the work you have already done.