Commercial Debt Collections

As a premium commercial collection agency, we serve the business to business debt collection needs of both large and small companies throughout Oregon.

Our collection fees are contingent based and quite naturally, if we don’t collect, you don’t pay.  When we do collect, our collection agency receives a percentage of the money collected. Credit Associates, Inc. (CAI) provides collection services throughout Oregon and Washington state and we do not require listing minimums or quantities.

Our collection personnel are experts in Central Oregon commercial debt collection. We have a wealth of experience collecting commercial claims and a vast database unmatched by regional or national agencies. Our collection agency has been providing successful commercial collection services for clients both large and small since 2000 and we look forward to joining forces with your business to get you paid.

We know the importance of handling your commercial accounts receivable quickly and efficiently to optimize the recovery ratio of your account’s receivables. CAI is your best choice to collect your commercial accounts receivable. We don’t say that simply to boast. We back it up with hard work, expertise and best of all, results! We are confident you will get more money in your bank faster with our commercial collection agency than with all the others you have tried.

Your delinquent customers account information will be loaded into our collection system for urgent collection action. A notice will be mailed to the debtor the same day. A series of notices will follow. Simultaneously our collectors will review the debtor’s credit bureau reports to determine their financial condition, ability to pay and sources of payment. We will work within the laws that govern all Oregon Collection Agencies to find phone numbers and addresses to contact the debtor.

Credit Associates payment platform supports online payments and scheduled immediate and future electronic transactions by credit/debit cards or a checking account. Our Consumer Payment Portal makes it easy for consumers to pay their account 24/7 by web or even by phone (541) 312-9176.