Consumer Advice

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The traditional bill collector from days past is either a historical memory or currently unemployed. One aspect of the debt recovery business which has evolved dramatically is the relationship between the debtor and the company seeking to get debts paid. Although our business as a collection agency is to recover past due accounts for our clients, we also endeavor to assist the debtor through the process. It is important to educate consumers and help them resolve their debts. This does not diminish our responsibility to clients: rather, it enhances our success!

By working with debtors rather than becoming their adversary, Credit Associates, Inc. can assist in minimizing damage to your credit status and allow you to preserve relations with our client, who may be your doctor or dentist or banker or contractor.

As members of ACA International, (the Association of Credit Professionals), we adhere to all federal and state laws governing debt recovery and are happy to provide links to help consumers with their questions. As a consumer, you have certain rights under state and federal laws. These laws are known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA.